GSU MARTA Breeze Card Program

The MARTA Breeze card program is available for faculty and staff as a monthly purchase from Campus Services or for employees through payroll deduction.   If you sign up for payroll deduction, the monthly pass will automatically be loaded to your Breeze card each month.  With payroll deduction, nothing more is required until you no longer wish for the payroll deduction to continue.  There are no refunds allowed with the MARTA Breeze program.

If you are not set up on payroll deduction, then after obtaining a new MARTA Breeze card, you will need to add the next monthly pass between the 1st and 15th of each month to your card by coming to Campus Services customer service area or by using the on-line renewal option available in Parking Web, i.e. January 1-15 you can purchase the February pass.

After the cut-off on the 15th of the month, employees may still purchase the MARTA pass at a discounted rate at a MARTA kiosk. The GSU subsidy is not available through the kiosk.  NOTE: Purchases made before the 23rd of the month will result in the current month being loaded to the Breeze card. Purchases made on or after the 23rd of the month will be for the next month.  We cannot process a refund if the wrong month is loaded at the Kiosk.

There is a limited protection plan on all Breeze Cards purchased.  As long as the card is reported lost, stolen, damaged, or non-functional before the 22nd of each month to Campus Services, the card will be replaced and will still have that month’s benefits. There is a $10 administration fee for replacement.  Note that cards reported lost, stolen, damaged, or non-functional after the 22nd of the month or cards reloaded at the MARTA kiosks are NOT covered under MARTA’s protection plan.

For any questions or additional information, please contact Campus Services at 404-413-9500.


GSU Atlanta Campus Student MARTA monthly pass: $61.00 when purchased before the 15th of each month for the coming month.

GSU Perimeter Campus Student monthly MARTA Breeze tickets are available for purchase at campus Cashiers Offices each month for $68.50

GSU Staff/Faculty MARTA monthly pass: $77.00  when purchased before the 15th of each month for the coming month when purchased at the MARTA kiosk.

For set up or cancelation of Payroll deduction for the staff monthly Marta pass via the Breeze card program, you must submit this form to Payroll Office:

Marta/Breeze Payroll deduction Form


Purchase Next Month’s Marta Breeze Pass