Abstract: Marta kiosk options are changing for students that participate in the University discount MARTA Breeze Card program.

Press Release prepared for distribution:

Effective April 1st, 2017, the Calendar Monthly Breeze card will be replaced with a new 30-day Breeze Card which is good for 30 days from the day it is first tapped at a MARTA station or bus fare gate. The price remains the same and this change does not apply to faculty and staff. Calendar Monthly Breeze cards will still be available through Parking Web or at the Parking Transportation customer service counter. All pricing remains the same. The 30-Day Card is available for Students only. Faculty and staff are not affected by this change.

For more information, please contact Campus Services at 404-413-9500.

Plastic Breeze Cards Expiring and Need to be Replaced

All Georgia State University and Perimeter College students, faculty and staff that participate in the Marta Breeze card discount program, must bring their current blue colored plastic Breeze Cards in for replacement with the new silver colored Breeze Cards by March 31, 2017. After March 31st, the blue colored Breeze Card will no longer work. Students, faculty, and staff who use the MARTA Breeze paper tickets on the Perimeter campuses are not affected by this change.

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