Alternative Transportation

Bike Racks

There are a number of bike racks conveniently located on campus and around the city of Atlanta. For more information, please see the interactive map provided by Central Atlanta Progress.

Ride Find

To match University employees in finding other employees with similar searches for optional transportation, 187-RIDE-FIND can be used by Georgia State University employees to find participating fellow coworkers or metro Atlanta workers who live in their immediate areas and who participate in this alternative transportation program for van pools and car pools.  For those interested in van pools, car pools, and other transportation alternatives, please call: 187-RIDE-FIND, or proceed here to the Commute Connections Regional Ride Matching Service and Listing.

Guaranteed Ride Home

If you need to work late or have an unexpected emergency, commute using an alternative form of transportation and you may be eligible for a free taxi ride home. Learn more about the guaranteed ride home program at the Guaranteed Ride Home website.

Clean Air Campaign

For those who want to receive timely smog alerts and information about the greater Atlanta Air Quality Index (AQI) developed by the Environmental Protection Agency, please visit the Clean Air Campaign website.