Bus Buzz

How to use Bus Buzz

  • Step One: Identify your bus number (you can find it on one of the posters, or window stickers on your bus, or on the side of the bus ).
  • Step Two: Text your feedback to “72727” and make sure to include your bus number located on your bus with the letters p-a-n-t-h-e-x-p in front of the number. I.e. “panthexp141.”
  • Step Three: A Panther Express customer service representative will respond with in 48 hours of your text.

Customer Service Feedback at Your Fingertips

BusBuzz will change the way we interact with our Panther Express passengers. Passengers suggest improvements, report issues, give compliments, and can register for alerts so they are completely in touch with the Georgia State University transit system.

Responses from our Passengers will be tracked

  • Follow the history of conversations with Panther Express riders
  • Management will be able to see who responded to Panther Express rider comments and see what they said
  • View reports and trends to help improve future communications

Emergency Alerts

  • Send system messages to all registered passengers
  • Create groups of passengers who need special information

No Apps or Special Software needed

  • Panther Express riders use text messaging on their cell phone