Panther Ambassador Routes

Due to the change in providers, the Panther Ambassador live route map has been temporarily disconnected. We expect the live route map to be available in early May. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


Panther Ambassadors Routes – All

ADDITIONAL POSTS:  P1: T-3 Roving Rialto to Aderhold to College of Business Monday-Friday Only.  Post 2: T-3 Roving, T Deck to G Deck to Aderhold Monday -Friday only.  Post 3:  T-3 Roving, Broad Street to Petit Science, Saturday-Sunday only. Post 6: T-3 Roving, Rec Center to Piedmont North, Monday – Friday Only. Post 7: Stationary Post, Piedmont Ave. & Decatur St. Monday – Friday Only. Post 8: Stationary Post, Piedmont Ave. & Ellis St. Monday – Friday Only.