Zipcars live on and around the GSU campus. Here are some great NEW benefits as a member of the Georgia State University Community:

Reduced Annual Membership Rate
Beginning this semester, student, faculty and staff’s annual membership rate will decrease to $15 per year $10 savings per year). Zipcar will continue to waive the application fee for all affiliated university members (another $25 savings). Existing Zipcar student, faculty and staff members annual fee will also decrease to $15 per year. New member driving credit will vary by promotion at time of application. Existing collateral and promotions with driving credit will be honored.

Nationwide Vehicle Access for 18+ Students
18+ students, faculty and staff now have access to over 12,000+ vehicles in 30+ markets, 50+ airports and 450+ universities nationwide. Zipcar strives to deliver on its promise of “wheels when you want them”, with vehicles where students live, work and travel.

Simplified Student, Faculty and Staff Approval Process
With Zipcar, we want to provide our partners with an easy, hands off car sharing program on campus. Going forward, our university partners will not have to individually approve student, faculty and staff memberships on campus. As long as the student applies with the universities email address, they will automatically be approved as a student, faculty or staff member. This aligns with our instant join membership, which we will be rolling out later this year. Soon, students, faculty and staff will be able to instantaneously join and drive Zipcar. A driver’s check will be swiftly processed and students will then be able to access the vehicles via the iPhone or Android app.